The Ayers Rock is a large rock formation located in the center of Australia. It is also known as Uluru. This unique mountain is part of the #UNESCO World Heritage as well as the Kata Tjuta rock formations situated at 25 km. The Ayers Rock is the emblem of Australia and sacred to the aboriginal people Anangu. You can choose whether to walk around or climb on top. If you decide to walk around, don’t forget to take enough water with you, it takes 3 hours and it will be pretty hot and dry. If you like to climb on top, you have just to know that the aborigines are against to ascend this sacred mountain and eventually they ask you to avoid it directly at the starting point.


If you like a unique experience, book a small jeep tour from Alice Springs (450 km) and camp outside around a campfire. Look at the awesome color variation and admire the stars with its milky way until you fall asleep. Avoid to book a big bus tours and to sleep in lodges unless you like to wait around and stay in queues.


If you plan your trips from Cairns to Alice Springs and you have time enough, make sure you get there with the Desert Venturer bus. It takes three days but you will see how the real Outback looks like. You can also fly at the same price but you will miss a great experience.


Look at my pictures or watch the amazing Outback Tour video.

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