Cayo Largo is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea and the most beautiful island of #Cuba.¬†Playa Sirenis and Playa Paraiso are the most beautiful beaches of the island. These beaches are just a kilometer apart, and you can easily walk between them when the tide is not full. A shuttle “train” service takes tourists from the resorts to these beaches. Sirena offers one of the finest undeveloped beaches in the World.

PLAYA SIRENISYou can make nice walks along this beautiful kilometer long beaches of Cayo Largo. But don’t miss the opportunity to get to Playa Sirenis and walk up to the bottom where you can admire plenty of starfish.

Star - fishI also advice you to book a catamaran tour. I booked the “Cococlub” excursion and it was the outstanding. We went to a small iguana island and snorkeling with numerous colored fish. But the best was to admire the sunset and to enjoy the tasty; on board prepared lobster. I never tasted such a good lobster in any other restaurant.

In order to get there you can easily get a flight ticket online. I used this website and everything worked well.

To get persuaded yourself, check my pictures or even better go there.. :-)

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