SydneySydney is one of the most livable cities in the World. The most popular sights are the Sydney Opera House, the Queen Victoria Building, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Botanical Garden and Bondi Beach.

I visited this beautiful city twice during my visits in Australia, and I stayed in Bondi Beach the first time and in Surry Hills the second time. Surry Hills is the perfect place to stay as it is very central and you can reach the most sights easily by metro. I recommend to go jogging in the morning along Darling Harbor to the Opera House and back through the Botanical Garden.  It’s amazing to see how a new day starts in Sydney.


At night there are plenty of nice places to go out. Surry Hills itself has nice wine bars and pubs. Darling Harbour has more clubs and it is awesome as you can sit outside and enjoy the nightlife and all the light reflects in the water. Oxford street  is worth a visit to.


If you would like to see some kangaroos in the wildness, rent a car or book a tour to the Blue Mountains. Check my pictures and post some comments if you need any suggestions.


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